John ChownJohn Chown is a monetary economist who made his career and reputation in international tax, and continues to be involved with public affairs generally. He is co-founder and Executive. Committee Member of the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

Now “active retired” from Chown Dewhurst LLP, he continues on the Committee of the International Tax Specialist Group, and spends his time on issues which interest him. These include international development and how we can ensure that aid money instead of lining the pockets of the corrupt, goes into commercially sound capital investments. He also promotes capital markets, campaigns against excessive regulation, and deals with conflicts of interest in financial markets.

Although John no longer signs off on tax advice, he enjoys having preliminary discussions, drawing on his experience, connections and skill in diagnosing “the problem behind the problem”, leaving full-time professionals to follow up.

Long involved with financial structures for business start-ups, he is now working with NCL Technology Ventures, which specialises in these and is actively exploring the relationship between tax and other incentives for new high-tech business.

Educated at Gordonstoun and Selwyn College, Cambridge (Adam Smith Prize, Wrenbury Scholarship, Hon. Fellow and former College Investment Committee). Active within IFS, the Political Economy Club, the “Ad Hoc Council”, the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation, the Russo British and British Romanian Chambers of Commerce and the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF).

A music lover, he is Honorary Financial Adviser to the Royal Society of Musicians and a former trustee of the London Handel Society and the Cambridge Handel Opera Group.

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