John ChownJohn Chown is a monetary economist who made his career and reputation in international tax, and continues to be involved with public affairs generally. He is co-founder and Executive Committee Member of the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

Now “active retired” from Chown Dewhurst LLP, he remains Honorary Adviser to the Committee of the International Tax Specialist Group, and spends his time on policy and other issues which interest him. On international development, building on his experience in CEE, he is now part of a group hoping to advise on similar matters in Africa. Politically, he has been campaigning against excessive regulation and, with conflicts of interest which is damaging public support for free market capitalism.

Active within IFS, the Political Economy Club, the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation, the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF), the Centre for Policy Studies and the Adam Smith Institute.

After long experience with business start-ups, he is now working as an adviser to two groups looking at the best way of financing these.

John co-authored “The Right Road to Monetary Union” in 1990 and has been active critic since a 1995 Commission Green Paper “Wrong Road” was taken. This included his 2001 Chatham House paper on “Will the Pensions Time Bomb Blow Apart Monetary Union?” (much repeated) saying it would – by 2025 - if nothing happened in the meantime. Still true.

Educated at Gordonstoun and Selwyn College, Cambridge (Adam Smith Prize, Wrenbury Scholarship, Hon. Fellow and former College Investment Committee).

A music lover, he is Honorary Financial Adviser to the Royal Society of Musicians and a former trustee of the London Handel Society and the Cambridge Handel Opera Group.

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